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Our Services
How do we work?

Not Just Dogs always like to meet with prospective clients and their pets before agreeing to undertake a service.  This way, we fully understand your requirements and ensure we are able to provide the best level of care.  You also get to meet us in person and know to whom you are entrusting your precious pet.  

We'll come to your home at a convenient time for you and bring along forms to capture everything about your pet, its habits, likes/dislikes, favourite toys/games (don't worry, it doesn't take too long!).  Naturally, we also take down all the important details about your pets' medical history, vet and emergency contacts.  We do this for all pets and all services. 

If keys are assigned, then these will be jointly signed for and returned at the end of the service agreement or before if required.  All keys are securely held at Not Just Dogs.

 There is no fee payable for key holding or the initial 'getting to know you' meeting.  There are occasions where it is advisable to take dogs on a 'trial' walk before they join the group walk.  Under these circumstances, we would charge an upfront fee for the dog walk - naturally to cover our costs for petrol and time. 

We will provide copies of the CRB check and references during the meeting.  Home inspections are encouraged for those wishing to place dogs in day care at Not Just Dogs.

Not Just Dogs Service Portfolio

Here is the service portfolio offered by Not Just Dogs, if you don't find what you are looking for, please contact to discuss your requirements.  We will be happy to help - if we can't, then we'll know someone who can!

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