Puppy care East and West Molesey, Esher, Thames Ditton

East and West Molesey, Esher, Thames Ditton puppy care

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Puppy Care

Available in East and West Molesey, Esher and Thames Ditton only.

The first couple of months of a puppy's life, as any new puppy owner will tell you, are intensive, but oh so rewarding and so much fun!

If you need to be away for the day or on a more regular basis due to work commitments, but wish to ensure that your little one gets the attention they need during the day, we can help with visits to feed, toilet, socialise and play.  Once your puppy is fully immunised, we can offer 1-1 walks to accustom them to being out and about (and all the attention from passer-bys that goes with every trip out!). 

Once they are big and energetic enough,  we will be only too happy for  them to join our group walks so they can socialise and play with the other dogs in the group. 


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